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How To Choose The Best Dildo In India?

Online buy dildo in India from royal sex toy. Buy best dildo vibrator for female. The dildo is the classic sex toy for women. We have high quality of dildo for female with all shapes and sizes.

If you do not know this yet, there are a lot of different kinds of dildos. When shopping for one in India, you must take into consideration your personal preferences. Different factors such as its texture, size, shape, style, and color would all depend on you. Because everyone has different preferences and different adult product stores offer many different kinds. dildo, dildo for female, buy dildo, online shopping dildo, dildo vibrator, dildo vibrator for female, vibrator dildo, buy online dildo vibrator, vibrating dildo, buy penis dildo, dildo for women, dildo penis vibrator, ass vibrator dildo, artificial penis dildo, lipstick vibrator dildo, bullet vibrator dildo, anal dildo. If this is your first time shopping for one, take into consideration the following guidelines so that you can get the right toy for yourself:


The Dildo is a flawless way to get it started to delight your vaginal or anal concern with this slim jelly wow. The Dildo is a hardy suction cup at the base owns the Colors to be joined to almost each easy flat external for free-hands liked, it can be used with a pleasing harness or strap-on system. Realistic dildo is graceful and flexible. Dildos are pleasure works have you a like it stiff and easy.

Grease it up with your special only use for water-based lubricant and happiness all of your G- spots. The Dildo is a broad base for simple handling and flawless for use first a time anal explorer like. The Dildo is used veiny sense stimulates while an effects on lubricant. Its sexy shape of bulging veins and head delivers 7′ inch of flexible firmness flawless for the first-time bottom hit lightly anal joy.

Dildos are adult toys used for perforation and come in an impressive difference of styles, the design of sizes, colors, materials, and shape, from crystal, latex, silicone to glass, g-spot material metal, and smooth wood materials. The Dildo is  fully waterproof to be like in each environment. The Dildo is a not needed battery. These are dildo works well for anal play grace to a glowed base, and the angle of its shaft allows for easy G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The Dildos are the focus and relax on the impressions that make you feel better for women and men both.

Dildos and Dildo Vibrator for Female in India

Buy dildos online in India. The Dildo is the classic Sex Toy for women. We have a high quality of Dildos for a female with all Shapes and Sizes. Buy Dildo Vibrator. The Dildo is the classic Sex Toy – nothing fills you up better. Great for both vaginal and anal use. We have Dildos of all Shapes, Sizes, Textures, and Materials. A Dildo is an Artificial Penis Dildo that is used to Give Sexual Pleasure for Women.


Buy Dildos and Dildo Vibrator at getting Royal Sex Toys India. India’s best prices, 100% discreet delivery. Shop for Dildos and Dildo Vibrator online buy in India.

A Dildo is an Artificial Penis Dildo that is used to Give Sexual Pleasure for Women. The Dildo is One Best Vibrator for Love Couple. A Dildo is basically defined as any penetrative, nonvibrating device, but aside from clinical definition of what makes a Dildo, not a Vibrator, Dildos comprise a vast category of wonderful, whimsical, bizarre and sometimes – scary penetration Sex Toys. Dildos are Royal Sex Toys used for penetration and come in a fantastic variety of sizes, styles, colors, shape, and materials, from silicone to glass, metal and even wood Dildo.

Dildo and Dildo Vibrator for Women

Dildos are used mostly for Vaginal and Anal Penetration, though they can also be used for wonderfully intense mock Blow Jobs, especially when worn in a Strap-On Harness. Dildo, Buy Dildo, Online Shopping Dildos Dildo Vibrator, Dildo Vibrator For Female, Vibrator, Vibrator For Female, Buy Online Dildo Vibrator, Vibrating Dildo, Buy Penis Dildo, Dildo Vibrator For Women, Dildo Penis Vibrator, Ass Vibrator, Artificial Penis, Lipstick Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator and Dildo For Female.

What is dildo toy? What kind? Know what are types and how to use dildo sex toy for extra pleasure?

What is dildo toys and types of dildo sex toys? Stimulate the vagina, G spot, anal, prostate etc. with anal dildo, G spot dildo, strap on dildo, double ended dildo etc.

What is dildo toy? Features

What is dildo toy? Features

Dildo is a sex toys which is design in such a manner that it looks very similar to the real penis. Any people can easily use the dildo sex toys. People use the dildo sex toys either for the anal penetration or for the vagina penetration. Dildo sex toys are of different types. Some of the dildo sex toys are design in such a manner that it is only used for the anal penetration and called the dildo anal toys whereas some of the dildo sex toys are design in such a manner that it is only used for the vagina penetration.

Most of the dildo toys have life waterproof specification, so people can easily use water for cleaning purpose. It is very easy for any people to use and handle the dildo sex toys. Dildo sex toys are available in different color, shape, size, style and textures. It may also be used in conjunction with dildo toys, BDSM toyscock toyvibrators, and so on. People can easily purchase the dildo sex toys either from the shop or from the online store.

What kind of dildo toy is it?

What kind of dildo toy is it?


There are different types of dildo sex toys are available. Some of the most popular dildo sex toys are anal dildo, G spot dildo, strap on dildo, double ended dildo, suction cup dildo, realistic dildo etc. People use the different types of dildo for different purpose. All these dildo sex toys are made with varieties of material. The material which manufactured company used to make the dildo sex toys are either high quality or medical grade, so it is safe and does not make any harm.

Now a day, some of the dildo sex toys are also available with the vibration function. Some of the vibrating dildo sex toys have only one vibration function whereas some of the vibrating dildo sex toys have different types of vibration function and speed. The vibrating dildo sex toys provide more unique and enhance pleasure during the sexual activity.

How to use dildo toy and notes

How to use dildo toy and notes


Before using any of the dildo sex toys it is important for people to clean it properly. To clean the dildo sex toys people use water, toys cleaner or antiseptic liquid. After cleaning the dildo sex toys, people should apply lots of personal lubricant. People can apply the personal lubricant on the surface of the dildo sex toys and also near the genital area. Personal lubricant help to reduce the friction and make the surface slippery, so that people does not feel pain during the sexual intercourse.

Now people can easily insert the dildo sex toys into the anal or vagina. With the help of dildo sex toys, people can stimulate the vagina, G spot, anal, prostate etc. During the sexual intercourse, dildo sex toys provide the pleasure feeling. While using the dildo sex toys, people should take some precaution also. If the dildo sex toys are made with silicone material then in this case people should avoid using the silicone based lubricant because silicone based lubricant damage the surface of silicone material.

People should insert the dildo sex toys slowly and smoothly, so that he or she does not get hurt. During sexual intercourse, if people does not feel comfortable then immediately stop using the dildo sex toys. The beginner couple should select the small size dildo sex toys. If people are using the dildo sex toys for the first time then it is important for them to read the instruction before using it.

Types of Dildos:

  • Realistic Dildos
  • Vibrating Dildos
  • Double Ended Dildos
  • Silicone Dildos
  • Large Dildos
  • G-Spot Dildos
  • Pyrex Glass Dildos
  • Anal Dildos
  • Non-Phallic Dildos
  • Aluminum and Steel Dildos
  • Harness Compatible Dildos

Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos is a dildo essential to Lesbian, was created to get pleasure in the vagina at the same time. There are various types in which both sides can be inserted, and what to use with solo, even between men is possible.

Glass Dildos

The Glass dildo is glossy and has a sense of transparency, unlike ordinary dildo, temperature control is easy and the width is wide. If you warm up from a cold feel, it also corresponds to human skin, it has hardness so you can do hard acts. It is also excellent in terms of hygiene, boiling disinfection is also possible. It may be difficult to handle because it is glass, but it is a meatier product than that.

Harness Strap On Dildos

Harness Strap On Dildos especially designed to be strapped onto a people human body or head. Strap-on vibrator is to the stand up you can look like a harness that would join to a dildo. It is also used for lesbians and anal play and there are things that men can use. There are various names such as harness dildo, strapon, penis band, etc., but it is all made up of dildo and belt. Insert it in a man or use it when a woman wants to give a stimulation with a penis.

Inflatable Dildos

The extended dildo is a dildo to expand and compress in vagina or anal. When pressure is applied it turns into pleasure. I will use it to experience the pleasure that will expand and expand within myself. It is a pleasure goods for those who want to expand more. It is effective when used for masochists.

Large Dildos

It is a dildo for advanced people for those who cannot be satisfied with the standard dick size. Use vagina and anal to the maximum extent. Please use gradually as it is quite large. Please get a huge pleasure.

Metal Dildos

The weight and texture of the metal is a pleasant feeling that cannot be tasted elsewhere. It is dildo which can be easily cold or hot and also very heavy. It corresponds also to hard play.

Non Realistic Dildos

Realistic shapes may be excited, but unrealistic forms are popular. At first glance, I do not understand. So there are also popular with lesbian couples and women. Please immerse yourself in the joy of putting unreal shape, color, shape in the vagina.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are designed to view look-alike men’s penises. It has body organs at the mean of the Realistic dildo, and a some of the models can outcome liquid, the modeling comes to more the similarities. Realistic-dildos is flaming its own trail, this charm is an attractive rebel. The Realistic dildo is a best for fast thrusting as you have less rubbing than any of the rough or ribbed types. Realistic dildos are a six-inch realistic vibrator with wired premier for improving masturbation and foreplay.

Silicone Dildos

Silicon dildo with a very smooth and smooth touch by using silicon. Please enjoy the luxurious moment that sticks to the material. We recommend using lubricant other than silicon base. Silicon at the same time is not compatible.

Small Dildos and Probers

Dildo Beginners begin here. It is made smaller than the standard size dick, so if you use sex toys for the first time, it might be good from here if you buy for the first time. There is no doubt that you will be excited just by touching it. It is easy to put it in the vagina.

Suction Cup Dildos

In dildo, sucker plays a very important role. When masturbating with individuals, when you imagine a couple playing multiple players. The sucker sticks to the wall and floor and secures the dildo firmly. Therefore you can grind your waist firmly with hands-free. If you worry, sucker attachment is definitely better. In recent years suction cups are installed in most types of dildos.

Regular Dildo

It is usually a standard type of dildo. A solid shape makes me think genuine. This regular dildo has been loved by everyone from beginners to professionals. Please try the dildo which is also a synonym for sex toys.

G-spot Curved Dildos

G-spot Curved Dildos are specially designed to be curved such that women may stimulate their G-spot curved in the vagina or that man may stimulate their prostate animal body rectally. Newly, curved dildos are specially designed for G-spot stimulation.

Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos is out to impress. Anal dildos can too be used for vaginal stimulation so you may be admiring, there is like a separate product category for them. Anal Dildos are also frequently chosen for anal stimulation for those who alike cool stroking. The Perfect Anal Dildo will have a flared base, handle or ring at the end.

Dildos and Dongs

Dildos and dongs are adult sex toys that replicate a human penis and are used for sexual pleasure of both adult men and women. Cupid Boutique stocks the largest collection of double dongs, giant dildos, realistic dongs, vibrating dildos and G Spot dildos for women. You get them in a range of materials like glass, jelly, silicone and ceramic!

Browse through our vast collection of dildos and choose the one that’s perfect for you! Our experts at Cupid Boutique have handpicked the best dongs and dildos for your pleasure – both solo and with a partner. Pick one and set on your journey of endless pleasure!

When exploring what satisfies you, a Good Dildo is a must. Dildos come in all shapes and sizes so we are sure you will find the perfect dildo that meets your needs sexually – whether you are engaging in some solo sexual play or you’re trying new things out with your partner. Our Dildos can be used for vaginal and anal use, and some dildos you can buy are even modeled after the biggest male Porn Stars in the adult industry.

You can buy a dildo that checks every box of what you are looking for here at Stag Shop. Discover the huge array of dildo and dong sex toys available here. Whether you are looking for a super realistic cock, a strap-on attachment or a Non-Phallic Uniquely Shaped Dildo, we have it all.

It’s time to feel the good vibrations with our incredible selection of vibrating dildos. If you have never taken advantage of vibrating dildos, you are going to absolutely love the difference a vibration can make. Treat yourself today to a vibrating dildo and spice up your nightlife.

Vibrators should not be the only tool you have in your bedside drawer. Dongs, dildos, and strap-ons also have different sexual favors and pleasure. Some bend, others vibrate and some can be attached to bouncy balls for girls who like to be on top and find this a challenge when they are pleasing themselves for the night. If you need a workout, there’s even specially designed dildos that will help you strengthen and tighten up your muscles, if you have had a baby this will help you tighten it back up. If you are flying solo, you can get a two-headed dildo if you like up front and in the back.

Not only are there vibrating dildos, there are ones with remotes! They are perfect for the nights when your classic dildo or dong needs an extra kick. Changing the setting can be easily done and going from a gentle, teasing murmur to a panting drill-thrill is just button away. Perhaps your partner would enjoy having control of the remote and the settings. It would make for a tantalizing evening of play. Perhaps certain favors must be met? Or to get to the next set it has to be earned? Either way, you can make play creative and exciting with remote controlled toys.

Size matters? Perhaps not. ED does not have to slow down your nights of passion when things are not going your way, you can strap on and finish the job without calling it quits. For the xxx-etra naughty couples, you can even take turns wearing it, strap up, saddle up, and ride till the break of dawn. There are different Dildos sizes so you can change it up.

Vibrators are not just for the ladies, or for their front door. Lady or dude, backdoor fantasies can be lived out and be fully satisfied. Anal dongs, Dildos, and Vibrators Oh my! Servicing backdoors for him or her, different sexes sometimes require different styles. We have a selection of special designs with a man’s needs in mind, even for those fist fetishes.

We all have differing needs for meeting our desires, that’s why we offer a wide selection of vibrators and dildos so you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit. We offer a choice of glass, jellied, silicone, rubber, life-like, with or without balls, different colors, and sizes. Having one should not even be an option; having your own private little selection to choose from will ensure that you will find a different choice for different occasions. If you need ice play, a glass dildo put into a cold refrigerator will make you shiver. There may be nights you want a vibrating dildo or a real-life flesh replica dong. Keep your options open and you will never be bored.

Double dongs Dildo will double the pleasure of those naughty little ladies who want it all. This strap on gives you a two for one so you can enjoy both anal and vaginal pleasure at the same time. It Straps On to his member and his balls, soft enough to feel comfortable and yet firm enough to enjoy.

You can buy sex toys online knowing our packages are shipped quickly and reach your door fast. We deliver with privacy and discretion in mind. Your purchases are packaged innocently and unassuming, our company name is not brazenly displayed nor are there any references to adult toys within to create awkward moments between you and the creepy mailman.

Thank you for choosing Royal Toy as your online women sex toys store for Best Dildo and Dildo Vibrator in India.

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Audio Sex Stories | Listen to Free Indian Adult Sex Stories

Welcome to Audio Sex Stories, the place where you can listen to great Indian adult sex stories for free. Browse our categories for kinky lesbian, threesome and couple sex stories. Adult audio stories are available in English, Hindi and Bengali.

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About Audio Sex Stories

Welcome to the world of audio sex stories. Here we take erotism to another dimension. We all know the porn movies and the written erotic content, which can be great indeed. But there is another dimension of erotic adventures that is becoming popular to the public, as this can be just as satisfying, if not even more. Created to let you close your eyes, relax and just wander away into the endless world of erotica. We, from Audio Sex Stories (ASS), welcome you into the world of never ending fantasies.

Audio Sex Stories are recently a trend that has started in India and in many other countries. It is known that voice has the immense power of arousing sensation in our body. You must have noticed how different voices and tones may have impacted you at different times. Taking the concept of this phenomenon, we have built upon that, so you can listen and travel into the world of fantasies. These can be real life experiences, as well as fictional tales that are narrated by the storyteller in such a way that it can arouse your sexual sensations the way watching videos may have never done.

Features of the audio sex stories

Today, audio sex stories are in demand by a large number of people due to a vast number of reasons. These reasons are enough to popularize these audio scoops over various porn sites and porn books. Also, people are now so much addictive to such videos and visuals that they have lost their own imaginational power. So, these audio tales are a way to regain those imaginations.

It is said that voice can be much more powerful than vision in stimulating sensations in the body. This is because when you are watching something you are forced to think and imagine, in one way; the way the vision is provided. But when you are listening to a tale, you have only the spoken input at the background, and you are left to imagine your own visions.

Some benefits of hearing audio sex stories

Firstly, when you are listening to the tales with your ear plugs in, very rarely will someone ask about it. Nobody will ask you about what you are doing. So, this is a safe way to reach the world of fantasies.

Secondly, in India, people do watch porn but they do not admit it. Thus, the videos, images or magazines are either hidden somewhere or are deleted afterward. This problem does not arise in the case of the audio scoop. You can keep these files on your computer or smartphone in a separate folder so that you can enjoy whenever you want to. You don’t have to fear that somebody may come and find that you are watching porn.

The third benefit is the convenience of hearing. One of the main reasons for which this audio version is becoming addictive for the people is that you do not have to be alert while listening to it. When you are reading a book, you have to be in a posture to read it, or while you are enjoying a video, you have to hold your phone or sit in front of the computer. But when you are listening to these audio scoops, you just have to put your earplug, lie down on your bed, keep your smartphone aside and enjoy your imaginations with the flow of the adventure.

How watching porn videos are affecting the sex life?

With the increasing extent of porn movies in various countries, people have started taking it to be the ultimate thing for arousal. It is found in some research that almost 75% of men and women are watching porn movies for both fun and to get arousal. Sometimes it may even happen, that though the partners are together; still they are not able to get in the mood for sex without watching pornographic videos. Thus, pornography is very much destructively handicapping the imagination and creativity power of the couples.

Also, it is often noticed that these videos have such concepts and activities that are much different from real life sex. Women are created by nature in such way that they expect tenderness, caressing, pampering situations after which they can get intimate with their partners. But harsh porn videos are actually destroying the thinking power of the men and hence they are not able to understand the needs of a woman. Many times due to this reason relationships are broken also. Here comes the need of the audio sex stories.

How audio sex stories can be advantageous?

These audio stories are not harsh and addictive for the listeners. You can enjoy some of the spiciest tales that provide you the space of imagining the events in your own way. Just by listening alone, and your eyes closed, you can travel to a distant land in your dreams and create new ways to show love to your lady. Though there are a number of times when you may come across some scoops that may have some pornography contents, they are still not as destructive as the videos. But of course the audio tales also cater to the needs for people that can appreciate the hard sexual pornographic activities as it is simply a part of sex that still many people enjoy at times. Even women.

You can also listen to a single adventure for many times because each time when you listen to it, you start imagining in a different way. When you have watched a video, the next time you may feel it be boring and you would wish to explore a new one. But in the case of the audible version, one single edition may also allow you to imagine new creations over and over again and hence you can enjoy a single tale many times over with new sensations.

How are audio sex stories different from reading erotic versions?

Correct uses of words at correct times actually create magic in a particular situation. This is the reason often a number of people also do get aroused by reading such sensational escapades. But still the number of people getting aroused by reading, is smaller than the number of people getting aroused by listening.. There are various reasons why listening to the stories are much more effective than reading them.

The very first reason can be that of the voice quality. While you are reading an erotic adventure, you are merely reading it, which will obviously may arouse you very well. But with listening, a major factor that comes into play is the voice that that brings the tale to you. In such audio stories, the storyteller uses various tonal expressions to express each and every situation and moment in a detailed way such that you can imagine yourself in that particular situation.

The second reason is that while reading, you need to be in a posture and have to be alert and focused to understand it. But in the case of listening, you do not have to do such things. You can simply lie on the bed, get comfortable on a sofa or do any other thing while you are listening. You can also keep your eyes shut to imagine the story and play some creative mischief in your mind.

Another factor is light. For reading a book, you need some light. But if you are listening to audio sex stories, then you don’t need to have any light. A dark room can also be an ideal place to live your fantasy. Lastly, another reason why audio tales are becoming much popular is that India is a combination of literates and illiterates. Now, people who do not know reading, cannot be expected to learn to read just for the purpose of the written tales. So, these audio versions really work in a nice way for such people who are not able to read.

The Quality of these audio sex stories

Here ,the same rules apply as in the case of regular storytelling. Quite obviously, when someone is listening to a story he/she will not be able to get attracted to it if the narrator is not narrating it properly. For narrating properly, certain elements are very important; such as the voice quality, tonal quality, speed of narrating, stressing on various words and many others factors. It is all about arousing a sensation in you and hence it is very important that the voice should be husky and sexy. Not only a good voice but also the tone should be such that can attract listeners. The narrator should be aware of the speed in which he or she is narrating the story and also the words on which should be stressed to create a larger impact. While in videos and visuals you are able to watch the whole scenario and the people, in audio form this is not the case. The expert narrators of the site are able to portray everything in such details that you will start imagining everything in your mind as vision.

The content of an audible play, has a vital role in the audible form. It should be also such that it is not too lengthy and such that can allow you the space to imagine and create your own dream clouds. As the tales have to be heard and not seen, such situations should be created in which you can imagine it vividly and portray it in your own way. The tales are erotic, and the various forms of narration by the different women are even more erotic and sensual to arouse your sexual sensitivity. Even if the stories are vulgar similar to porn, still they are narrated in such a way that will not seem as vulgar as the porn videos that destroys the imagining power of the individuals.

On audio sex stories, you are sure to hear adventures that are highly effective in arousing a wild sensation in you. Also using the services are very easy. No need for registration, just click and play. We offer all kinds of audio sex stories from many different categories. Like Couples, First time, Fetishes, Sex Chat and so on.

One of the best advantages of listening sex stories from our site is that we offer our adventures in different languages. The tales are narrated in different Indian languages apart from English, like Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, etc. So whatever your mother-tongue, you can listen in the language you wish.

Upload your own audio sex stories!

Another cool feature is that you can upload your own audio sex stories as well. You never know, that your story may be a great source of arousal for someone else. You can attribute to the pleasures of others greatly and you may even practice your phone sex or acting skills.

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